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Success Stories

Business growth through self-funded revenue increase: Consumer goods manufacturer saves $230,000.00 a year in insurance cost, obtains government grants and invests into business expansion

The customer had been convinced by their insurance brokers that there were limited markets for their insurance requirements, and were told that they were getting the best deal available. In addition, they had very limited knowledge about the considerable government funding available for R &D, export development, training, investment into equipment and lean manufacturing. Our holistic approach through our proven profit growth methodology has allowed us to fully understand all aspects of the business. With the savings generated, the company has invested into considerable international business expansion programs allowing them to grow without investing in any additional funds. As an additional benefit, many of the export activities were supported through government grants, therefore the initial cost savings resulted in additional support as a spin off. Even better, the fully integrated marketing programs including new web site and new channel development worldwide generated more sales revenue, increased EBIDA and a higher multiple when the company was successfully sold at a very attractive price.

Medium sized food manufacturer saves $75,000.00 a year in packaging material allowing them to invest in business development to become a Canadian leader

The food industry continues to be one of the world’s foremost competitive marketplaces. In every country, food vendors and distributors seeking to sell their products face countless challenges and stiff competition, day after day no matter what their quality or cost. Tight margins make it often impossible to invest into marketing activities.

Following our proven profit growth methodology allowed us to identify cost savings in packaging and transport. After thorough review, we presented viable vendors offering the same quality at 30 % lower prices. The new cash generated resulted into the design of new marketing media, tradeshow participations, and considerable profit growth, year after year. In addition, they received grants to automate the packaging process. Today the company is considered to be a leader in Canada in their market niche, with considerable growth opportunities in USA.

Northern Ontario Dealership receives more than $50,000.00 a year for R&D activities in the mining sector allowing them to develop new business solutions

Despite many challenges in this important industry, it is imperative to create innovative cost savings opportunities and efficiency increase for mining operators. While many service providers have closed their operations, our customer continued to offer added value solutions to reduce downtime, increase safety and provide competitive short term rental. With the support of creative financing, they have expanded their fleet to be fully prepared when the mining market finally will pick up.

Our clients save up to  20 % in benefit premiums and safeguard risk management

Our more than 30 years of expertise has resulted in above average results providing more value than traditional firms with high overhead cost. Our programs align our clients and their employees with the most “Cost-Effective Benefits Solutions” available in today’s marketplace while optimizing taxation.