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Business Development

Business Development

Are you planning to expand your business but are not quite ready to invest in a full-time business development employee? Perhaps you are looking for the type of business development, sales & marketing bench strength and expertise that typically comes with an “enterprise” price tag while you only have a limited budget?

Our many years of diverse experience with clients in business and industry have given us the insight and tools needed to help you develop your business. Whether your focus is product feature development, lead generation, sales follow up or e-marketing campaigns, BCC will make sure you get the results you want. Also, unlike most other companies, BCC gives you a degree of flexibility and freedom with no large upfront commitment necessary.

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BCC Profit Growth designs and implements business development programs for a variety of companies utilizing an extensive partner network, technology and lead generation software.
These programs can include but are not limited too;

  • Creation of unique selling proposition messaging
  • Develop a target prospect database
  • LinkedIn prospecting campaigns
  • Implementation of CRM + marketing automation
  • Telemarketing/email campaigns
  • Marketing collateral


  • Review client’s current business to profile ideal target prospects
  • Review LI profile to ensure it reflects clear unique selling proposition
  • Craft up to four key messages – customized invitation, thanks for connecting message, one follow up message to new connections and one InMail initial message
  • Using software we develop a LinkedIn target account list for client review
  • Each business day we send out 15 LinkedIn connection requests to the client-approved list – approximately 300 new prospects per month!
  • Depending on your LinkedIn plan, we will also send out the maximum number of LI mails allowed per month to high-leverage key contacts
  • LI Profile view back – using automated software we generate inbound views to your LI profile and initiate outreach to those that fit your ideal client profile
  • Once a new connection responds to any of the messages, the sequence will stop and be passed to our client for follow up and engagement


Together, we first determine your main objectives and then develop a comprehensive plan to implement your program. We also offer strategic marketing and creative advertising services to ensure that you get the results you’re looking for. Find out more about our 30 day introduction offer


We have helped companies grow in the following industries:

  • Training and development
  • Industrial automation
  • Marketing and design
  • Tax consulting
  • Extreme terrain vehicle manufacturing
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • IT Services


Our experts offer you one source for a wide range of expertise and services that give you convenience, flexibility, and results.
Below are a few key areas that make us stand out from the others:

  • Flat hourly rates at different price points depending on the expertise you need to achieve project goals.
  • We do not require a large upfront commitment to launch a project.
  • Full integration of other services to strategically increase your revenue while reducing expenses and increase productivity.