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Talent Recruitment

Talent Recruitment

Do you to need  fill a position within a short period of time? Do you have enough time and resources to go through the process to select and hire a qualified individual who understands your industry? We are here to help to meet your hiring objectives. Over more than 20 years, we  have developed successful programs for small and medium sized companies to find the perfect candidate.

Our job specifications are very detaileded and attract professional applicants who will meet or exceed the job profile. We only place candidates with a proven track record, excellent references and the right attitude for the job. It is also important that the ideal candidate rates your job opportunity as an advancement in his/her career development. Our career counseling experts will review the applicant’s employment history and future growth potential to ensure the best possible job placement.

Depending on your objectices and budget, we offer different types of programs:


  • Top management and sales & marketing executives – 100 % hiring guarantee for 6 months that our candidate will meet or exceed mutually agreed upon objectives
  • Basic search and presentation of best possible candidates at reduced rates (does not include all services and procedures outlined below)

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  • Analysis of your overall company situation
  • Discussion of growth objectives
  • Review of job requirements
  • Onboarding and coaching solutions to maximize performance and ROI
  • Creation of job specification
  • Compensation package (salary, incentive plan, bonus)
  • Telemarketing campaigns to recruit candidates who currently work for selected companies
  • Placement of ads on workopolis.com, monster.ca or local newspaper
  • Screening of candidates
  • Employment contracts

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  • Reviewl qualified applicants
  • Select the Top 5 candidates
  • Questions via email and phone
  • Interviews with Top 3candidates
  • Present Top 3 or Top 2 candidates


  • More than 30 years experience in selecting and hiring qualified people
  • Local, regional, national and international positions
  • GM, sales & marketing, production, engineering and administration
  • 80 to 90% retention rate (most people hired stay in the company for 3-5 years and longer)


  • Highly qualfied search team to recruit top management and temp positions
  • Fully integrated process
  • Save time and money as we only will present top candidates
  • Results