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Expense Reduction

Expense Reduction

Do you pay too much for products and services? Would you be interested to save up to 20 % in certain cost categories? Yes, it is possible as our experts have an extensive amount of cost control experience in a wide range of industries. When given a project, they undertake a comprehensive examination of the business in question and identify important areas in which money can be saved. Based on this proven formula we have saved companies considerable amounts of money which they have then been able to put towards other investments or revenue generating activities. Our specialists can review your expenses, line-by-line, and then recommend viable alternatives. Any and all vendor decisions are yours to make, we will not choose or engage with anyone without your specific prior approval.



  • Reduce wasteful overspending on purchased goods and services
  • Create profit by ensuring against vendor overcharging
  • Deep expertise and knowledge level the playing field for vendor negotiations
  • All non-core expense areas are examined including freight & couriers, packaging, printing, insurance, uniforms, office supplies, office equipment, foreign currency exchanges, telecommunications, commodity and property taxes
  • Risk-free model ensures that clients only pay for actual results
  • Very small investment in your staff’s time
  • Average 15 – 20% savings on projects

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We review your expenses from a trial balance and a vendor spending report. We do not review financial statements nor do we need to know revenues or profits. We suggest areas where we intend to help you to ensure that you are not overspending. We need roughly 3 hours of your staff’s time per project to understand your quality and service requirements. We review any contracts that you have in place and recent invoices in detail to know how you spend your money. This information allows us to create a baseline from which our recommendations are measured against.

We then use our database of always current market information and an RFP process to secure competitive pricing. We only invite qualified vendors who have similar or better quality and service than your existing vendor. We present our findings in a recommendation report where you are asked to choose from alternatives. We help you to meet new vendors if that is desired and help with the implementation process to ensure that vendors follow through with their commitments that they made to us in the RFP process. We then audit the actual bills for the 24 months following to quantify the savings and ensure that no deal creep sets in from the vendors.


  • Small Manufacturer saved $70,000 on 2 projects
  • Small Manufacturer saved $80,000 on 4 projects
  • Medium Food company saved $130,000 on 5 projects
  • Medium Manufacturer saved $150,000 on 8 projects
  • Medium Manufacturer saved $90,000 on 3 projects
  • Medium Manufacturer saved $125,000 on 2 projects
  • Medium Manufacturer saved $200,000 on 1 project
  • Large Manufacturer saved $190,000 on 3 projects


  • More money to the bottom line.
  • More money to fund other business initiatives.
  • Stop paying more than market prices for your goods and services.
  • Complete projects quickly by using outside experts who can focus on the projects and not worry about the other priorities of the day which every business faces.
  • Tap into proven expertise. Our experts normally are from the industry and have senior level experience.

Even when no savings are found, our clients tell us that they feel that they are showing good corporate governance to their shareholders and that the program reinforces their culture of cost minimization.