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Interim Management

Interim Management

Do you have to meet tight deadlines to deliver a product or implement a business growth strategy or new finance plan?  Do you need quick results without committing to a full time employee?  If so, there are many alternatives to look at!
The interim executive management format affords our client the services of an experienced management leader who is able to focus on the successful completion of critical initiatives without the client assuming any of the associated risks arising from conventional full time employment.

If you find yourself answering yes to any of these prompts, the interim executive service may provide the solution:

  • Does your organization have critical projects that remain inactive because there is no one to lead them?
  • Does the inability to move forward on these projects put your organization at risk?
  • Does the increase in overhead cost from recruiting a full time senior manager concern you?

We provide practical, hands on executive level management leadership on an interim basis to organizations undergoing restructuring, the deployment of new strategic initiatives or who may simply need additional management strength for a period of time.

An interim executive participates in the management process both augmenting and complementing existing management capability. We are not simply providing consultation; we assume responsibility and act to achieve results.

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Here are some of the benefits:

  • Experience, expertise and dedication are rapidly introduced to an organization
  • Lower cost for the organization to acquire these skills, as there are no recruitment fees and the service cost is well defined
  • Flexible scheduling in that only the amount of time required to complete a specific initiative is provided
  • Objective, fresh perspective is introduced to an organization

The strategic use of an interim executive can undoubtedly increase the client’s competitive advantage and improve profitability.   Contact us to learn more about the interim management service as it may apply specifically to your situation.

In addition, we also can help to search for the ideal candidate to move your company to the next level of excellence.