BCC Profit Growth | Strategic Marketing
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Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing

Do you need help or guidance to develop your business strategy? BCC Profit Growth has an exceptional amount of experience when it comes to strategic marketing planning. We have executed campaigns for a wide array of businesses in countries around the globe. We understands what it takes to operate a successful marketing program in the rapidly changing global marketplace. We also provide services in French, Spanish, German and English. Let BCC develop an effective strategic marketing campaign that will achieve your goals.



  • Develop Business Plan
  • International Marketing Plan
  • Part-time  (Export) Marketing Manager on Contract
  • Implement (Export) Marketing Strategy
  • Take Active Part in Management Team
  • Visit Trade Shows, Agents and Customers
  • Prepare Contracts
  • Develop Communications Mix
  • Recruit and Train Sales and Marketing Personnel

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After working with you to determine your objectives, we will formulate a questionnaire to be completed by your management team. The questionnaire results will be instrumental in the development of a comprehensive plan to implement your program.

We do not charge an advance fee or make a formal contract that would require a longer commitment than you really need. Based on your objectives and timelines, we recommend a monthly fee that will cover all agreed-upon services.

A minimum of 3 months of consulting services is recommended. This would give you the opportunity to test our program for a much lower fee than you would pay at other firms. If you are not happy with our programs, you can cancel at any time without any obligation to pay for services that have not been provided.


  • Transformed four production-oriented companies into marketing driven companies resulting in sales increase
  • Completely restructured manufacturer of commodity items into a high profile company with less export risk and more value-added items
  • Managed subsidiaries of German companies in Europe (in English, French, and Spanish)
  • Restructured branches of major firm in Italy and Spain, which are now very profitable
  • Started up two German companies in Canada
  • Successfully selected and hired sales and production managers
  • Doubled sales of Ontario Branch from $3 to $6 million (Can.) in 18 months
  • Increased sales from $40 million (Can.) to $53 million (Can.) in 3 years
  • Developed new export markets in Europe, Asia, and Middle East
  • Doubled sales for client in Ontario/Manitoba in three years


Our experience in national and international markets has given us the expertise to grow your company to the next level. We take a close look at your business, listen carefully to you, and make recommendations to help you strategically develop profitable sales.


• Worldwide results in a wide range of services.
• Manage growth through cost savings and productivity increase.
• Fluent in English, French, Spanish and German.
• Very competitive rates.

And when you need to speed up the process to get faster results, we can help you with interim management solutions and can develop fully integrated global business strategies.