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Advertising & Communications

Advertising & Communications

Do need to create or update your marketing media. Are you interested in a fully integrated advertising & communications package?
BCC Profit Growth has an impressive portfolio in the advertising and communications field. Having worked with countless companies on their individually tailored marketing campaigns, there is virtually no arena that BCC is foreign to. From trade shows booth, videos, e-marketing campaigns to  magazine advertising to public relations services BCC has the experience you need when it comes to positioning yourself within the market. Unlike other firms, BCC believes in making YOUR ideas vital components in the overall marketing plan. After all, who better to explain your product or service to your market than you!


Communications Mix

• Advertising: Product Leaflets, Web Site, Multimedia CD, Technical Documentation, Magazine
Advertising, Copywriting, Photography, Videos, DVD’s, Commercials, Posters, Signs, and more.
• Competitive Printing: any size of order.
• Direct Mail and Fulfillment.
• Four Major Languages: English, French, Spanish, and German.
• Trade Shows and Exhibitions.
• Sales Promotions and Incentives.
• Web Site Development and E-marketing.
• Promotional Products & Sportswear.
• Public Relations.
• All Services in English, French, Spanish, and German.
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Based on our recommendations, we will quote on each job or give you a rough estimate. As we have access to many different sources for all our services, we are in a unique position to offer you a wide range of options. We are confident that we can offer you the best price and quality ratio. Guaranteed.
In order to save time and costs we work with you in pre-approved steps. Your ideas and suggestions will be welcomed and integrated throughout the entire process.


• Created many different Web sites and worked on new e-marketing strategies.
• Portfolio of creative advertising material, videos, mailing campaigns.
• Successfully launched new products: complete marketing package including CI, brochures, ads,
video, direct mail campaigns, and more.
• Repositioned a commodity product into a premium brand.
• Restructured pricing and distribution strategy to lay foundation for future growth.
• Developed marketing support material to open and grow key-accounts.
• Professional TV and video productions.


Our experience as sales and marketing managers gives us the edge when determining which type of advertising media to use for the best results. We look at your overall business objectives to design a marketing and advertising plan and then develop creative brochures, Web sites, videos, and public relations campaigns.

Our key points of difference:
• Full integration of media services and e-marketing.
• Talented team of creative designers, writers and photographers.
• Services available in English, French, Spanish, and German.
• Competitive rates and quick turnaround.