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Your Benefits

Key Differentiator

You are looking for a partner who works as a member of your team? You need hands-on experience and results. If so, we can help you. We are not telling you what to do, we analyze your current situation, define objectives and work with you to implement a mutually agreed upon action plan with time lines. Our rates are success driven and very competitive!

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Free Consulting

Take advantage of our initial free analysis of your current situation to determine your requirements. There is no cost or obligation until you feel comfortable that our recommendations and programs are the right choice for you. Click here here for more details.

Expense Reduction & Government Grants

At BCC Profit Growth, we help you to obtain government grants for R&D, innovation and export development,  and  apply proven cost reduction methods while increasing your productivity and securing future growth for your company.

 Fully Integrated Business Development Concept

We make it our business to be fully involved in the sales development process. During the strategic marketing planning phase we start working to generate leads for new business. In many cases, business generated by new clients can pay for part or most of the marketing development and advertising services investment. Click here for success stories.

 Complete Profit Growth Solutions

We not only define objectives and outline your strategies, but also accompany you through the whole process. Based on your needs and your budget, we will develop the most effective plan and work with you as a partner to make certain that your objectives are met.

 Return On Investment

Your investment will pay off in many ways, primarily by freeing your time for daily managerial concerns, while allowing experienced and driven professionals to concentrate on achieving bottom-line goals affordably.