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About Us

About Us

Are you looking for a true partner you can trust to move your business forward? An advisor who does not over promise and deliver the agreed upon services on time at reasonable cost?
Today’s marketplace is not for the hesitant or reactive marketer. Comprehensive analysis and planning, a solid strategy and action are required to reach your goals.  We work efficiently, using our experience to achieve results . BCC Profit Growth is ready to increase your sales and profit by analyzing your current situation, defining your strengths and weaknesses and preparing a clearly defined plan.

BCC Profit Growth offers domestic as well as international marketing expertise; marketing research, communications, Social Media, PR and advertising plans, as well as all sales functions, from lead generation, pricing, distribution channels, executive recruitment, sales training and remuneration.

In addition, we help finance your marketing investments with proven cost reduction programs, government grants, productivity increases, and E-marketing solutions. We communicate in French, Spanish and German and offer translation services in 45 languages.

Our proven holistic approach also includes a review of your financial and tax situation which can result in having more funds available to invest in further growth or early retirement.

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We accept a project only if we believe that it will benefit our client. All information is handled with complete discretion and confidentiality.
We will unlock profits which you may not realize are even possible.
Our response to market challenges always begins with establishing a clear understanding of an organization’s mission and value creating capability.