BCC Profit Growth | Success Stories of our Clients
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Success Stories of our Clients

Success Stories of our Clients

We helped one of our clients to develop the South American market.  Result: $ 300.000 order for
Columbia.  Did you know that there is a free trade agreement between Canada and Columbia?

Two partners in small manufacturing firm generate more than $ 1 million through tax planning and
company restructuring.

A manufacturer with 20 employees received $50,000.00 in government grants for the purchase of new
machinery to improve plant productivity.

Small business owner improves yearly personal cash flow by $ 16,000.00 (through tax savings and
saved $ 75,000.00/year in packaging costs for small food distributor

BCC  Secured 15 WebEx meetings with lean manufacturing/operations executives in the last 30 days for U.S.
client that offers a web-based lean manufacturing/distribution solution.