BCC Profit Growth | Robert J Ward
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Bob Ward, Interim Manager

M.A.Sc. Mechanical Engineering; B.Sc. Biology

R. J. Ward Inc. was established in early 2012  to provide organizations additional, practical, hands on executive level leadership service on an interim basis. Typically, client organizations have sought to augment their existing management during restructuring or the deployment of critical strategic initiatives.


During his prior 30 years in manufacturing operations serving the hardware, automotive, furniture components and retail fixtures markets, he held senior management, vice-president and president level positions where he had full responsibility for operations with revenues ranging from $20 to $100 million; often with multiple locations.   In each position, he employed a disciplined, analytical approach to management with strict attention to detail while promoting within the organization a culture of fairness, firmness of conviction and the forthright presentation of ideas.


His extensive experience in business development, the creation of efficient business processes, strategy deployment coupled with his technical background in the fields of biology and engineering enabled him to present unique and holistic solutions to business challenges. The response to those challenges always began by establishing a clear understanding of an organization’s mission and value creating capability. Every other business process was then focused on optimizing the organizations ability to create value. Under his leadership, revenue and earnings grew or the organizations were restructured appropriately.


R.J. Ward Inc.  has now been solely focused on the development and management of small scale urban renewal projects, a personal community interest of Bob.  R.J. Ward Inc. has specialized on business development projects involving the transfer of technology from the research arena into critically important sectors impacting society; for example, advanced sensing / sorting systems for application in recycling (plastics and electronic waste) and solid waste / recyclables containment.