BCC Profit Growth | Bernhard A. Wagenknecht, Partner
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Bernhard A. Wagenknecht, Partner

International Profit Growth and Marketing Expert, Bachelor of Business Administration

As a globally experienced business development expert, Bernhard has learned first-hand how to achieve profits in all types of markets and situations. His fluency in German, English and French plus his conversational ability in Spanish and Italian continue to be an asset in his consulting work. He has tackled major challenges with competence and creativity, turning markets around for a variety of companies.


Bernhard has over 30years of experience with proven results in international sales and marketing in Europe, Eastern Europe, North America and the Far and Middle East. He was responsible for up to 80 employees and sales of $60 million CDN. He has held positions as VP Sales and Marketing (Transera Electronics Inc., Waterloo, Ontario) General Export Manager (Geze GmbH and Layher GmbH, both in Germany), and was the driving force behind the establishment of Jackstaedt GmbH’s Canadian subsidiary Jacpaper Inc. in Toronto and Montreal.He enjoys getting results for his BCC clients, and has formed a strong working relationship with many of them since BCC Profit Growth’s inception in 1998.


Bernhard’s pro-active and disciplined approach as well as expertise in sales & marketing, international business development, government grants, e-marketing, accounting and ¬†taxation will considerably improve your bottom line.¬† In addition, BCC Profit Growth has developed an extensive network of partners to maximize your profit growth opportunities.